Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall Season, Part IV

Greys Anatomy
Hooray! Much like Heroes, all Greys has to do is show up. Love that bitchy Christina is back - and really, Sandra Oh is such an awesome actress, I just can't even say. The Izzie and George thing is just awful - LEAVE HIM ALONE, for frick's sake. Also high on the creepy scale is the gothic romance I like to call The Seduction of Lexie. Can't McDreamy either 1) not date for awhile or 2) date a woman who is not an intern? Blech.

But like I said, I'm predisposed to love the gang at Seattle Grace, and they'll have to try harder than that to get me to cancel my Tivo settings.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall Season, Part III

Private Practice
There's really on one show to care about tonight - Private Practice, the heir apparent to Grey's. In this case, the offspring should definitely be disinherited. Poor Addison. Maybe McSteamy will take her back.

What works:
Um. I like the theme song. And that scene with the chief at the beginning.

What doesn't:
Addison is silly.
They replaced Kelly from King of Queens as Naomi.
Taye Diggs says stupid things like "how did you end up with the house next door to mine?" as opposed to "nice rack. do you do that every morning?"
Amy Brenneman is evidently the world's worst therapist, should see one herself and is the unaccountably well regarded by the schlubby man whore.
The shlubby man whore.
Are these plots the ones that didn't make the cut on Greys?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall Season, Part II

More from the front lines of the Fall Season

The Biggest Loser
I just love this show. Jillian is THE MAN, and I'm so glad she's back. I think I have a massive girl crush on her. Kim is like a bad therapist and Bob's like my mom. The masochist in me digs it when Jillian barks at the competitors to MOVE IT MOVE IT MOVE IT. Go black team!

A pleasant surprise. It was cute, charming, funny. Of course the pilot was directed by my hero Kevin Smith, so it was probably hard to miss. (Then again - Jersey Girl?) Sam & friends are slackers straight out of the Smith handbook, cleaned up for network TV. Missy Peregrim is acceptable as the object of Sam's affection, but not very fleshed out.

Boston Legal
Breaks my heart. This show was great. The quirky law firm show might be overdone, but this was a strong entry in the genre. Fresh, different, and bouyed by the unmistakable talent of Candice Bergen, William Shatner and James Spader. Last season came and went, moved, lost you with some weak storylines, and the season premiere does nothing to recapture me. Spader is sparring with - oh shocker - yet another woman. Denny's libido is still problematic. The cross dresser is still cross dressing. The jumpy guy is still jumpy. If it hasn't officially jumped the shark yet, it's only because the damn thing put the shart to sleep.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall Season, Part I

I love this time of year. The crisp smell of turning channels, the softly falling pilots, the crunch of dying plots underfoot...

And here are my impressions of the best of the best, or worst of the worst, so far:


Yatai! Hiro Nakamura et. al. came into this from a pretty easy starting position: just don't fuck it up. And the pilot, while it didn't "deliver," didn't screw it up too badly either. Can't wait to find out: when will Angela bite it? Is Nathan really burned, or what? How did Peter manage to get amnesia, locked in a shipping container AND a haircut? A couple of heroes are completely missing, some new ones have been introduced, but the story lines are enough to suck me right back into another year of hero worship.

So close and yet so far. I was actually really looking forward to this. That guy - whathisface - was hilarious as Kip on Almost Perfect. My husband was even looking forward to this. But, oh my - how wrong can you go? It's bad enough to be silly and trite, but do you have to rip off Mr. and Mrs. Smith while you do it? And the sad thing is, they're probably ripping off M&MS ripping off some other movie I'm not smart enough to reference. To whit: Chuck - who has evidently never danced with a girl - is quivering with lust while interchangeable blonde leading lady girl dances while warding off the bad guys with knives hidden about her person. Really? Seriously?? I think my Tivo was insulted I used hard drive space.

CSI MyJammie
The formula continues. In late breaking news, Horatio did NOT take his sunglasses off before squinting into the distance and theatening the unknown culprit. In more Shocker - Not! news: I stopped watching 15 minutes before the ending and didn't feel the least bit deprived of a resolution.

How I Met Your Mother
Tivo, here I come. Mandy Moore looks hilarious, but as the Kipper knows, I've been let down before.

Tuesday to come...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ravelry Revelry

So I disappeared.


My best friend - who the doctors were not sure could ever conceive - became pregnant. I immediately began a blanket, booties, pjs... all filled with love and diligently worked on every night. Then she lost the baby - hopelessly unviable. I can't even find the projects I began. I think I may have thrown them out.

Then my co-supervisor quit. With his big event of the year undone. I had to do it with no training, no notice and my own event only 30 days before.

Then my laptop began giving me a Raid Smart Drive Failure Imminent message. It took me forever to find someone to properly clone the hard drive and keep my software and files in tact.

And once I did get everything on track again, my purse was stolen. I spent two months fighting identify theft and fraud charges.

As I look back... god am I happy the last 12 months are over.

So as things finally calm down, I received my invite for Ravelry. Which is a distraction all on its own. But a good one. I spent several hours on my (happily revived!) laptop, logging in my stash, my projects, my queue, my books... well the first several hours of what I suspect will be several several hours.

As a side note, I have WAY too much yarn. I have yarn I have no interest in ever using. I have yarn I can't remember buying. I have yarn in quantities sufficient for NOTHING. Why do I need 62 yards of black & white tape yarn? Was I thinking of a formal thong? And the sock yarn! I have yet to finish A SOCK. But for some reason, I bought twenty-eleven skeins of sock yarn. Good lord. I definitely will need to do some stash busting once I finish moving my whole knitting life into Ravelry.

To report:
  1. I just finished two hats for my Stanford-bound niece. I couldn't take pictures (thanks to the abovementioned purse theft, but they look like, well, ... hats.)
  2. I am almost done with Tempting. I am putting the ribbon loops in now.
  3. I have created a pattern for a blanket/throw with the SDSU logo in it for my freshman daughter. The yarn is here, the charting complete and I am just refusing to allow myself to start until Tempting is done.
  4. I have another coworker who I adore who is pregnant. For the second time this year. Having already lost one baby, she is understandably nervous about losing this one. (I am terrified to begin to make anything. On some superstitious level, I am afraid my baby knitting is cursed. Which I know is silly. But I can't shake it. I can't make myself cast on for anything tiny or charming or adorable.)