Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall Season, Part I

I love this time of year. The crisp smell of turning channels, the softly falling pilots, the crunch of dying plots underfoot...

And here are my impressions of the best of the best, or worst of the worst, so far:


Yatai! Hiro Nakamura et. al. came into this from a pretty easy starting position: just don't fuck it up. And the pilot, while it didn't "deliver," didn't screw it up too badly either. Can't wait to find out: when will Angela bite it? Is Nathan really burned, or what? How did Peter manage to get amnesia, locked in a shipping container AND a haircut? A couple of heroes are completely missing, some new ones have been introduced, but the story lines are enough to suck me right back into another year of hero worship.

So close and yet so far. I was actually really looking forward to this. That guy - whathisface - was hilarious as Kip on Almost Perfect. My husband was even looking forward to this. But, oh my - how wrong can you go? It's bad enough to be silly and trite, but do you have to rip off Mr. and Mrs. Smith while you do it? And the sad thing is, they're probably ripping off M&MS ripping off some other movie I'm not smart enough to reference. To whit: Chuck - who has evidently never danced with a girl - is quivering with lust while interchangeable blonde leading lady girl dances while warding off the bad guys with knives hidden about her person. Really? Seriously?? I think my Tivo was insulted I used hard drive space.

CSI MyJammie
The formula continues. In late breaking news, Horatio did NOT take his sunglasses off before squinting into the distance and theatening the unknown culprit. In more Shocker - Not! news: I stopped watching 15 minutes before the ending and didn't feel the least bit deprived of a resolution.

How I Met Your Mother
Tivo, here I come. Mandy Moore looks hilarious, but as the Kipper knows, I've been let down before.

Tuesday to come...


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