Friday, May 26, 2006

One down... AKA actual knitting content

I finished my first Dulaan hat (actually weeks ago) but I have been procrastinating on taking the pictures.

So here is an honest-to-God FO:

Dulaan Hat

Pattern: Double Thick, Super Warm Dulaan Hat Pattern from Now Norma Knits
Yarn: Lion Wool Prints - Flower Garden
Needles: US 13 circs
Recipient: Project Dulaan
Notes: The pattern calls for threading the yarn through the the stitches at each end of the tube and pulling tight, making the flower-like gather at top, and then tacking the two ends of the tube together inside. I had the beginning end turned inside of the end still on the needles, trying to gauge if it was long enough, and I thought "hey why not just pick up those stitches and go from there? So I did, and I think I like the results - here is a picture of the inside of the hat, and you can see where the stitches are gathered together (the purl row). It's invisible from the outside but I think it made the top a little less bulky.

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It took about 6 hours - I am sooo slow, and just less than two skeins (it's knit with the yarn doubled) so I can do at least two more with the stash I have right now, and possibly three if the left over yarn from each skein adds up to enough.

I'm casting on for hat 2 tonight.


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