Tuesday, February 07, 2006

FO Quickie

Sometimes you've just gotta take your fiber lover, slam 'em up against a wall and get it done. Case in point: Moda Dea Cache needed to be turned into a simple little scarf for a care package to my niece.

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Pattern: That scarf that everyone knows how to make (knit knit knit purl purl purl)
Yarn: Moda Dea Cache, Rave and Rendevouz
Needles: US 15 circs
Recipient: Bri

Bought the yarn at Christmas time, planning to go a scarf. Now it's February and I don't even know how much longer it will be cold in New Jersey. I'm hoping for awhile. The first half of the scarf is a blue based yarn, the second, a purple. For whatever reason, I got many more inches from the purple side, so I used the extra to create the fringe. This knitted up quickly (I did the first two inches at Christmas, but then finished the rest of it in two nights in front of the TV), and I like the yarn, even though I'm not a big fan of thick'n'thin or the kind of yarn that uses mulitple strands together.


I also did about another 3 inches on the (long) sleeve of Tempting, but I'm not going to post another pic because it looks exactly like every other picture - a tube of ribbing.

God I'm tired of knit knit purl purl knit knit purl purl knit knit purl purl knit knit purl purl. Ribbing is the most BORING thing ever.


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