Monday, December 05, 2005

I'm doin' the Knitty dance

It's always a happy day at the ol' homestead when a new Knitty arrives. (NOTE: I had lots of things to say about that, but somehow blogger ate it up when I went to publish, so I'll just summarize and cut to the chase:)


First off: Tempting II. To keep her big sister comfortable when she's done.

Then there is the "not too long and not too ornate, so i'll wear them all the time" sockiness of Thuja.

And I just last night threw away all my pages related to entelac from the Knitting Pattern a Day calendar because, well, they were not really attractive. And to be honest, I've never seen an entrelac pattern that I would ever wear or imagine asking anyone I know to wear. So I was quite seduced by the chic Danica, a subtle grey-on-grey scarf with spunky little purple bits of happiness hidden throughout.

And finally, Tubey. Because my bosoms look boobtastic in square necklines.

And thank you, for Thinking Beyond the Pattern. Sleeves are the knitting equivalent of - well they're just a b**ch, no cute comparisons come to mind. So I'm loving me the simple algebra, math thing of make it this wide by that tall.


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