Monday, April 10, 2006

Vogue Knitting

Whew - what a relief.

I subscribed to VK through one of those "try us for free" offers and was really disappointed when the first issue arrived (last months) and there was only one thing in the magazine that I could seriously see myself investing time and money into making. (The brilliant mock turtleneck/v-neck upsidedown-able sweater.) I flipped through it over the weekend with the pack of post-its and found about 6 things - in ads - that looked good, but nothing editorially except that one sweater.

The latest issue has been sitting in my In Box for days, maybe even weeks, because I was not super enthused after the first issue. I finally whipped it out last night as I cued up the latest ep of Big Love (<3 on demand TV! BTW, how f'd up is Nicki?!?!) and I was so excited - there mag is full of post-its now. At least 5 or 6 things I'd like to make, including the great skirt on the cover. Full review to follow....


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