Monday, May 08, 2006

Oh mommy, it hurts

My husband enlisted me this weekend to help with the landscaping and hardscaping of our front yard. Now I should point out - as a disclaimer - that he has put in about 8 kajillion hours by himself forming concrete molds, mixing, enlaying with stone, finishing, etc. And I also want to point out that I WAS SICK THIS WEEKEND AND WANTED TO SLEEP.

That said, I spent the weekend loading 20 bags of topsoil and 50 sheets of sod into a rental truck (because the nimrod at HD disappeared and left only his little brother to help me load the truck), then unloading it while said hubby started positioning the sod i so manfully unloaded. then returning said truck. then moving the pile of sod to a better place for a pile of sod, (brief stop for sleep) then unloading 10 more bags of topsoil from my car (which now REEKS of manure), (brief stop for helping with a science project and going to AYSO sign-ups) then spreading the aforementioned 30 cumulative bags of topsoil, then relocating a cement mixer, then moving two 3oo lb. things which used to cap of the columns at either side of our yard entry, then relocating the sod because it was in the middle of the yard it needed to be laid into, then laying the sod, then moving the sod again because we bought too much which involved loading it into a wheelbarrow (twice after it tipped over on the sidewalk) then forcing it up a grassy slope, then having to carry it from the back gate into the yard because it weighed too much to get it over the walkway into the yard, then loading and moving 630 lbs. of cement BY MYSELF, two bags at a time because i couldn't push the wheel barrow with anymore than that in it, then building a little fort of bags of cement so we could drape plastic over it because it's raining today, and finally, when all is said and done, discovering that the undiagnosed allergy that had me sneezing through this whole thing was an allergy to grass because my arm broke out in a RED, PUSTULENT HIVES where the grass had been draped over my arm as I carted it to and fro.

Did I mention I have no muscles, only flab and it HUUUUUUURRRRRRTTTTTTSSSSSSSSS?

In other knitting news, I finished my first Dulaan hat and cast on for the second and resurrected the baby blanket yarn for a second try, this time as a feather and fan pattern.

(oh and I evidently rubbed my face with grassy hands because someone said to me - when i showed them my arm - "Oh is that what happened on your face?")


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