Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall Season, Part III

Private Practice
There's really on one show to care about tonight - Private Practice, the heir apparent to Grey's. In this case, the offspring should definitely be disinherited. Poor Addison. Maybe McSteamy will take her back.

What works:
Um. I like the theme song. And that scene with the chief at the beginning.

What doesn't:
Addison is silly.
They replaced Kelly from King of Queens as Naomi.
Taye Diggs says stupid things like "how did you end up with the house next door to mine?" as opposed to "nice rack. do you do that every morning?"
Amy Brenneman is evidently the world's worst therapist, should see one herself and is the unaccountably well regarded by the schlubby man whore.
The shlubby man whore.
Are these plots the ones that didn't make the cut on Greys?


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