Thursday, October 04, 2007

Adventures in Cooking

Okay, major extra credit points for anyone who can tell me what this is:

Guess What?

DH calls me at work and says "what do you say if for dinner tonight we have banana something?" And I'm thinking "pregnant much?" But it turns out that - amazingly enough, THAT is a banana flower. (Which I didn't even know existed until it sprouted from the bunch of bananas on the dwarf banana tree in my front yard.)

Not So Dwarf Bananas

DH was gazing proudly at his banana bunch when a neighbor wandered by and said "hey the bananas won't grow unless you cut that flower off" So he did. Then she said "you know, you can eat that." And really - at this point, if I'm him, I'd be like Uh... No.

Because it looks like this:


But some Googling later, we find out you can, indeed, eat banana flowers. And some people (seemingly mainly in eastern asian countries) do, rather frequently. So I print out an article for what translates into "Stir-Fry Banana Blossom" and start cutting.
The first cut is the deepest

It's basically the banana flower quartered, sliced into thin strips and then tossed with onion, curry leaf, tumeric, mustard seeds and salt. I woked it up
Yan Can Cook! and voila - there it was.

Confession: My palate is so not sophisticated enough for this. But we did toss some teriyaki on it, and everyone pronounced it a huge success.

Sorry for the crap picture - I was just dishing it up, not plating


  • At 10:25 AM, Blogger Knittymuggins said…

    Whoa! How interesting and adventurous is *that*?! Your hubby gets extra points for suggesting it and even eating it :) Mine would be less than pleased if that was on his plate - LOL! He would however, adore a dwarf banana tree in the front yard...

  • At 7:10 PM, Blogger Knittymuggins said…

    Hi Lisa! Tag! You're it! I'm tagging you for an "8 Random Things" meme :) You can find the rules and my own answers on my blog. Hope you'll play along!


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