Monday, March 17, 2008

And yet another finished object

Baby Kimono

But before you think me too productive, let me tell you it was a hard fought battle against UFO-dom.

First, I thought the baby shower was NEXT weekend. Said a coworker on Friday "Your friend's having a baby shower on Easter?" which made me think hmmm. So I pulled out the invite to discover the shower was Sunday (yesterday). Okay then. One day to finish.

So I had on the schedule this baby kimono, a sheep blanket (as in a blanket with wee little sheep on it, not a covering for livestock), and fearing the kimono was too simple, a darling little bucket hat. As of Friday when I discovered the sudden lack of time, I had the kimono top assembled but not trimmed or embroidered or snap-ified, one pant leg done, the other 70% done, but neither assembled or trimmed, no drawstring. The blanket was 15% done and the pattern for the hat was selected but not cast on. I was also running low on the Berroco Plush for the sheep.

So Saturday morning rolls around, I (hung over BTW) knitted and knitted and knitted, ran to Suzoo's for Plush (no white), called Yarn Lady (no white Plush), Red Bee (no Plush), Tall Mouse (no Plush), went to Joann and Michaels (finally sub-bing out the something else for the Plush). It took me until after midnight to finish assembling the pants and trimming the top. I didn't dare start the embroidery.

At 3AM IN THE MORNING, I finally had to call it quits - an inch and a half into the hat.

I got up in the morning and finished the sweater. I think I was just so darned tired - the french knots wouldn't knot. Then I thought there was one too many, so I cut it off - and CUT through the sweater. IN TWO PLACES. I yanked up the ends and knotted them together, threw the whole thing in a gift bag and ran out the door half an hour late.

I have never seen so many gifts in one place. HUGE gifts. Bags overflowing with gifts. I thought at least mine in handmade - it might be the smallest bag here, but it's filled with specialness. So what happens before she gets to mine? She opens FIVE other gifts of hand-knitted sweaters and blankets - and one quilt.


I gave up the struggle and promised Karen to give her the hat and blanket some time before she gives birth.

Baa baa blanket


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