Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Do you know the muffin man?

I recently weighed in on the Kelly Clarkson ab flab debate on The Manolo. For those of you not addicted to the site it goes something like this: No, Kelly Clarkson is not fat so don't hate me for criticizing her, but if you wear pants that are a size too small even if you are a size 2, you still end up with a jelly roll hanging over your low-riders.

I had to join in because it's a disease near and dear to my heart. Around here, it is an epidemic among girls under 20 - size 2 or size 22, they all want to squeeeeeze into pants that are one size smaller than their hips really are.

So what apppears today in my Bloglines? Validation that it really is the bad taste phenomenon sweeping the nation - and now it has a name: the Muffin Top. The New York Daily News defines it as " that unsightly roll of flesh that spills over the waist of a pair of too-tight pants, like a muffin bursting out of the pan." Amen.

My sisters - hear my plea - just buy the right size!!! You'll feel better - and believe me, you'll look better!! A size 8 that fits makes you look thinner than a size 6 you ooze out of. Fight the Muffin Top!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What I'm watching

Q: What do you do when the men in your life want to go see "War of the Worlds" despite the fact you are on a Tom Cruise hiatus?
A: You go see a chinese lesbian chick flick by yourself.

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Went to go see "Saving Face" (in which Joan Chen knits, by the way). Let me tell you, go find whatever arty theater in your neighborhood is showing it on one screen every other Sunday, and watch it NOW.

I loved this movie. I'm not sure I can find the words to describe how good Joan Chen is in this movie... she is luminescent, amazing, mesmerizing, and yet totally understated and restrained. I don't think I've even seen her since Twin Peaks went off the air a hundred years ago, but ... wow!

For those of you who haven't heard of this movie (and that applies to everyone I know), Joan is the widowed traditional Chinese mother of Michelle Krusiec (also very, very good) who shows up on her daughter's doorstep pregnant, shamed and disowned by her even more traditional patriarch father. Will is, I guess, really the main character, but Chen steals every scene. She's bewildered by whatever area of New York she's landed in. (She goes to the corner video store and asks for Chinese movies. She ends up looking at a rack of Naughty Asian Whores and Geishas Gone Wild.) She's alone and lost while (Dr.) Will works and dates. She's resigned to date the nice chinese men Will sets her up with in an attempt to marry her off and get her out of the apartment.

Okay, it doesn't sound as good when I write about it (one reason I'll never be a movie critic), but trust me - go see it.