Thursday, June 02, 2005

I love this thing

Even if it proves I am now officially out of vogue. Take a little trip on the Baby Name Wizard's Name Voyager, and see where you chart out.

I - a Lisa - was a #1 hit in the 1960s, but have since fallen to the low 300s. Ah, how the mighty crumble... My name looks like a dot-com stock chart. But, I can still claim name superiority to my hubby, whose name peaked in the 1940s at #5 (loo-za!).

And I've discovered that all my optional baby names for my son are zooming in popularity (I'm so prescient) EXCEPT - check it - the one I actually gave him. That name doesn't even appear on the chart. Which is good, because my (step)daughter has one of those "six to a class" names where you have to append the last initial to tell them apart (Amy A., Amee M., Ami T., etc.).

Not knitting related in the least, but many thanks to The Bookish Girl for pointing it out.

On the knitting front, I have picked a name, registered a website, and created a logo. (All of which I am still too embarrassed to share just yet.) I've decided to do the store thing virtually until I've built up a healthy business to justify actual rent. So my dreams of being THE place to have your S'n'B will have to wait.


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