Monday, January 17, 2005

Belated New Years Resolutions

Well, one way to avoid breaking your NYRs by mid-january is to wait until mid-january to do them. Really, I was just going to re-tred last year's so I had no real urge to work on them. Last year I did them based on a Franklin Covey "what matters most" worksheet. So they're all a value + a goal.

Value: Being well-educated
Goal: Work on getting my degree.
This one may actually get done. The new job I am considering has offered to pay for an Executive MBA program and let me work part time to get my butt in gear and finish my undergraduate degree. Of course, this discussion occurs one week after my community college closes registration for this semester, so now I will have to wait for the summer semester to enroll.

Value: Creativity
Goal: Enroll in a jewelry making class.
Last year I bought all the raw stones I wanted to set, etc., but never signed up. This one is looking iffy because *if* the above goal does rise to the top, I will give that 110%.

Value: Supportive Mother
Goal: Help my children become academically successful.
I'm trying, god help me, but it's so HARD....

Value: Responsible Mother
Goal: Establish a college fund for my children.

Value: Compassion
Goal: Find time to do more volunteer work for a cause I believe in.
I think this will be Literacy OC, again, unless #1 happens, in which case I will have to salve my soul with just sending more money. If #1 does not happen, then I want to actually do Literacy OC and the Irvine Animal Care Center.

Value: Being at ease in my own skin
Goal: Lose 50 lbs. and 3 dress sizes.
The perennial favorite.

Value: I'm not sure what to call it at this point
Goal: Finish my book and submit to at least 3 well-researched agents per month.

And now for the fun ones:

Knitting New Years Resolutions

1. I will not stash more than two tubs full of yarn.
2. I will not buy any more yarn until I have used up some of what I have (to keep it under the aforementioned two-tub limit). EXCEPT for sock yarn.
3. I will learn cabling.
4. I will learn intarsia.
5. I will learn to use double-pointed needles.
6. I will learn to make socks.
7. I will learn to read knitting charts and schematics.
8. I will knit more things for other people.


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