Wednesday, May 25, 2005

That new job?

A farking bucket of crap.

This is officially my shortest tenure anywhere. Only four months in and we've already agreed to an amicable divorce. The problem being that - even though I appreciate being able to get a paycheck while looking for a new gig - all I want to do is pack my stuff up and get the hell out.

For the record, boy and girls - this is my legacy to you: If you know someone to be an abrasive, abusive jerk (even if they do have a good heart underneath it all), do NOT go back to work for them. Being told you're shit does not, in fact, get easier the second time around. It actually makes you twice as prone to malicious daydreams of wreaking havoc on his neck.

My camera has also crapped out, so though I have WIP up the wazoo, I have no proof to offer the blogging community. It does however, make me smile to think of it, so here's my rundown:

Amelie has been repurposed as the Heartstrings Bunny. Finished the oh-so-challenging 6" square in the doc's office (whence I was required to go for the incessant shooting pains caused by aforementioned job). Just need to stitch it up.

One of two baby uggs finished for Queen Cyn. However, the fact that I took 3 months to do it, in drips and drabs, means it's a bit mishappen - the gauge changes significantly from beginning to end, so i think i may frog it and do another from scratch.

About 5" into the Heirloom Baby Blanket (it took me FOUR tries to get this far) and.... I hate to say it, but.... it's UGLY. I don't know if the photography just makes it look better than it does in real life, or if you need to get more of it to really appreciate the pattern, but it's taking about 2 hours per pattern repeat and I have another 35" to go. Do I chuck it and start over, or stick it out and risk having it still be ugly 40 hrs. from now?

Tempting is still waiting for the arms to be done. However, given my rockin' mastery (hahaha) of the DPNs I am ready to try. Even better, Suzoo has those great japanese circs that come in the tiny little lengths - I picked up these really short circs in a US3 for socks and US8 for the sleeves. They are fabulous and so cute - must post a pic as soon as possible.

I also have a shortie sweater and tank top I'm designing for my daughter. The top is a simple 4x2 rib to just under the bust and then a v-neck. The tank is lace bottomed (kind of like Lelah) with overlapping triangles for the top and yarn over eyelets bordering the cups. More details (and pattern if they turn out well) later.

Have begun to turn the heel on my first pair of socks!!! (does the happy dance) Just using the generic pattern off the Magic Stripes yarn, but the whole sl1,k1 and then p1, sl1 thing is HARD. Is it supposed to be that yanky to get that to go?

Happy Sigh. Just thinking about all that yarn makes me smile....

I'm also revisiting the idea of going retail. I'm shopping some properties in and near the Orange Circle, and working on that business plan. It may be time for the asshole I work for to be me. It might just be a pipe dream for now, though, with the new house, etc. this is not a great time to be not pulling down a salary. But we'll see. The dadster may be good for a "got to make a living" loan while we're in startup mode. A girl's got to dream....


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