Thursday, May 05, 2005

What Kind of Girl are You?

Turns out I am a Progressive Girl. At first I was kind of let down - "how boring", but when I read the other profiles, I realized I'm progressive and I'm proud! (giggle) Okay maybe not quite THAT enthused, but it's a fair approximation.

I realized my true NYR should be to be who I am - a 30-ish former party girl who still wants to tie one on every now and then, the youngest soccer mom on the sidelines, the bookworm who wants to curl up with her knitting and some audible - and stop being who everybody else wants to believe I am - a stable settled 40-something homebody cleaning whiz, who really cares about the PTA and how short the new teachers hemlines are, who is nonetheless a financial dynamo and hard-charging entreprenuer.



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