Sunday, December 26, 2004

Merry Christmas!!

Well, Christmas was mostly a success, except that DH was supposed to give me knitting needles (that I needed to buy myself) but I blew my whole budget on already knitted sweaters (I had FO-lust, and they were so cute!) So I will have to wait until some more cashola comes my way to finishing tricking out my knitting needle collection.

On the other hand, next year will be ALL about homemade gifts. My two neices made homemade gifts for my MIL, and my MIL had someone paint portraits for DH and SIL, and the whole family was boo-hooing their way through their presents. The silk scarves and DSL service were cold and soulless in comparison.

After seeing this scarf on KnitterGirl's blog, I was inspired to try the Opera Scarf from KnitHappens. My MIL's birthday is in February, so I'm working on that for her. Socks (ooh - new skill to learn) will follow shortly thereafter for DD. And my oldest niece got knitting needles and yarn for Christmas (not even from me - shocker) so some lessons are on the way as well.


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