Tuesday, October 12, 2004

My name is Lisa and I'm a yarnaholic

The worst (and best) part of becoming a knitter is that I crave new yarn hits everyday.... it's become an addiction. I've been working on the same darn tank top for two months now, and all I want to do is shop for more yarn for unspecified projects. The DH smiles at me indulgently, but only because he doesn't realize the depths of my addiction - there are rubbermaid storage totes stacked in my closed (hidden behind the long pants) full of stash. And bags in the trunk and under the seat of my car.

I try to be serene - maybe go in and finger my current stash, but all along I'm itching for another infusion of springy, fuzzy, cuddly yarn. I visit Elann and KnitPicks and JimmyBeans daily, but try to avoid pulling up to the curb and beckoning the dealers over... every day I look at the yarns on sale, and try to justify another 10 skeins. After all, I am really craving a fluffy mohair-y yarn. (To do what with - no clue.) And I need a nice merino, and maybe a cashmere - they're so practical. My cabled poncho is originally of cashmere, but I think the thing calls for like 18 balls. Triple-digit ponchos are a no-no unless I suddenly win the lottery or get called to Hollywood.

Ah well. My big project now is to get the darn digital camera working so I can post pictures to enliven this blog. Also, sad because my blog pet reset itself to 0, and I can't gauge what overwhelming % of the world is ignoring my blog.


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