Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The tank is zooming along. As I started the back I discovered I did the front wrong - a seed stitch hem instead of ribbing - but I like it, so I just messed up the back in the same way. The Cat (his highness does not approve of the more familiar lowercase) loves the yarn, and has had to be extracted from the ball twice now.

Already done about 5" of the 13" length, but I need to decide pretty quickly if I want to change the straps. The original pattern has two i-cord straps that just go over the shoulders, side-by-side. I'm thinking of taking the inner two straps and making them longer and crossing them over in the back. But it's a pretty high backed tank, so I'm afraid the straps may cross too far up towards my neck (ick). So I either will leave the straps as is, or I may make the back shorter than the front. I'm dithering back and forth

(Emma - the audiobook - is in the car right now, and I'm feeling shamefully Harriett-like. Who can't just pull the trigger and decide on a darn tank top? If I don't hurry, I'll have to put it away until next summer.)


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