Friday, December 17, 2004

I <3 Giving Gifts

While tucked away in freezing Washington DC (okay - I'm from California - I have thin blood - 48 degrees is UNBEARABLE to me), I frantically finished my baby uggs. Had dinner with ex-coworker Stephen and his new bride (and soon to be mother) Becca - they loved them, or at least did a convincing job of pretending to love them.

Here is where the finished booties would be if I had my pictures done:

ah HA!! Hurray for photo CDs!!

Here, by the way, is the Museum of Natural History - so fun. And I was totally entranced by the steam billowing out of the manhole covers because when does that ever happen in Southern California.

Do NOT, however, attempt to recreate this picture on your own. Evidently, the building (not visible) to my immediate left is the Attorney General's office, and a squadron of security personnel will swarm out of the building and question your need to take pictures on the street because they were not paying attention and only realized you took a picture once they saw you putting your camera away and therefore need to make sure that you did not, in fact, take a "forbidden" picture of the AG's office.


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